Cloud Phone

The UbiSky App, gives you a cloud phone on your existing phone or smart device. This is not just another phone number on your device, but an entire 2nd Android smart device. Your second phone has all the apps you need instantly downloaded from the Google Play store.

It is a completely secured environment running in the cloud where you control what apps to install, its speed, RAM and drive space. Upgrade  anytime, with a push of a button.

And one more thing... It even runs on an Apple iPhone or iPad.

VR / AR Smartphone

UbiSky is also available as an integrated virtual phone in AR and VR environments. Working as an overlay with existing applications, UbiSky provides all the features of a smartphone while immersed in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality settings.

Applications such as Google Hangouts Meetings or even Android video games  are accessible right from your headset.

Smart Devices

Whether a smart fridge, coffee table, smartphone or any smart screen, UbiSky provides easy device control powered by Android in the cloud.

We think of it as the Operating System for the Internet of Things.

The OS of the IoT!

Smart Screens

Interactive Smart Screens provide excellent marketing, messaging and branding opportunities in public and office spaces, kiosks and even billboards.

Control all devices from a centralized web managed interface.

Interactive maps, advertising, activities and games can easily be swapped out or upgraded anytime, or set to automated sequences of events and services.

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Mobility Management

With UbiSky Enterprise Mobility Management, your whole company is easily managed from our web platform accessible from a desktop or any mobile device.

Quickly add and remove users and devices to your team.

All Data is continuously backed up and maintained in the cloud.

Install Apps and Enterprise Software as complete images or individually as needed.

Wipe lost or stolen devices with a touch of a button.

Two-Factor Authentication and Encryption is offered.

Unlimited Data Storage and upgrades when you need it. Only pay for what you need.

Crypto Wallets

UbiSky offers the ability to store multiple cloud based Cryptocurrency Wallets of your choice. Each wallet is secure and accessible with two factor security.