Founding UbiSky

UbiSky's development team saw the need for telecommunications in Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) environments and went to work on what they thought would be a great product.

As development moved toward a prototype the team knew the technology had far reaching implications and the potential to substantially reduce the costs of smart device acquisition and operation.  When comparing the cloud based software solution to expensive hardware devices the impact of a providing this technology to enterprises and consumers was obvious.

What started as a smart phone used in Virtual Reality, has become the UbiSky Cloud Phone.


Meet the Team

UbiSky was founded by industry veterans that have been at the forefront of the most innovative technologies and companies for the last 20 years. The tried and proven team has built numerous products and companies that have seen revenues measured in the billions of dollars.

Eric Weiss

Founder & CEO

20+ Years Building World Class Products and Experiences

Gui Riviere

Co-Founder & CTO

Seasoned IT Professional with Fortune 500 Leadership Experience


Tony Mangione

Lead Developer

Cross Platform and Cloud Expert