UbiSky Cloud Phone

The UbiSky app for Android and iOS brings a second secure phone to your smart device. Coupled with a unique phone number, and apps from the Google Play Store, it's like having 2 phones in your pocket. All you need is a WiFi connection or use an existing mobile carrier.

Apps can be managed right from your phone or any web browser. Your second phone has unlimited disk space, and you can increase its RAM and CPU power as you need it.

Your second phone can also be accessed using a web portal, allowing you to work with your phone and apps from everywhere you have access to a web browser, desktop or a friends device.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Manage all your employees devices from a web-based platform.

Add and remove users and devices with a simple interface.

Add and remove applications for your whole team, group or individuals and customize each of their smart devices as needed.

Enterprise applications are maintained and updated as a could service. Install once and push to all users.

Ensure security with multiple levels of protocols and monitoring.

Bring your own device (BYOD) or provide very low-cost alternatives.

Device performance, speed, storage all managed in the cloud. Instant upgrades for ram, processor speed, and storage are readily available on demand.


Your UbiSky Phone, data, and apps are always secure.

Using cloud based technology, your data and apps are always backed up and accessible even when your device is not. The UbiSky app can instantly be removed from a lost or stolen device and easily cloned to any new devices you acquire.

With options for VPN, encryption and two factor authentication, your date, phone, and apps are always secure. Additional options for Biometric Authentication and Security will be added in 2019.

Just Say No!

The $1,000 smartphone is a thing of the past. As all the compute power is housed in the cloud at cost-effective data centers, you won't need to have that supercomputer in your pocket.... or pay for it.

A simple Android or iOS touch device is all you need. Increase UbiSky's horsepower and storage on the fly. Pay for only what you use and need.

Your phone is a tool you need, not a luxury item. Of course, you still can use UbiSKy on an iPhone X, but why spend the money.

Ubiquitous Cloud Devices

Turn any existing smartphone or tablet into a Ubiquitous Cloud Device (UCD). By using our cloud served platform, any connected screen can instantly become your phone or smart tablet.

Your device can now be ported anywhere; a smartphone, TV, refrigerator, bathroom mirror, office desktop, home computer and even your car's dashboard.

Never worry about losing your phone again as your data, is always safe and secure in the cloud.

Enterprise Mobile Management is now a breeze, with all data, users, and security, centrally managed. Employees can use their existing devices (BYOD) or use company owned, business only devices (COBO).

With UbiSky, the Android envirnment and applications are cloud based; each user can have unlimited storage, ram, computing power, and apps. New users can be set up with a few mouse clicks, and lost devices or those of past employees, are instantly wiped.

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The days of supplying each employee with a $1,000 iPhone are over.

Welcome to UbiSky!

Coming Soon...

Join our Beta Program today and be the first to use our secure UbiSky App.

We are looking for small to medium-sized business partners to help launch the UbiSky Enterprise Mobility Management solution. Do you have a team that uses mobile devices in for work? Are you fed up with the incredible cost of acquisition and maintenance of these devices?  Does your staff-owned devices (BYOD) create a security risk for your company?  Contact us now for our early adopter promotions and enter our beta program.